Biographical Information
Kanji リンゴ
Rōmaji Ringo
Age 1 (Suka Moka)
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Leprechaun
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Professional Status
Occupation Orphan
Affiliation Fairy Warehouse
Personal Status
Hobbies Playing.
Manga Suka Moka Volume 2 - Chapter 1
Voice Actors

Apple (リンゴ, Ringo) (as she was temporarily known as) was a young Leprechaun who was born on Sky Island 38. Apple appears as a main supporting character in Suka Moka. She died at the the end of Volume 2, during Croyance's attack to save everyone.

Background Edit

Apple is a young red-haired fairy who was originally born on Sky Island 38.

Birth Edit

Apple is a young Leprechaun who was born on Sky Island 38 in the year 443. She was born at the same time as Marshmallow, a blue-haired fairy and was originally discovered by Feodor Jessman out in the forest, when he was out returning from buying supplies. After Feodor gained their trust, the two Leprechauns were then taken back to the Guardian Wings Military where they meet Tiat Siba Ignareo, Lakhesh Nyx Seniorious, Collon Rin Purgatorio and Pannibal Nox Katena.

After some discussion with the others, Tiat decided to temporarily give the red-haired one the name "Apple," and the blue-haired Leprechaun the name "Marshmallow" until they could get their official names later. The two Leprechauns then spent their days having fun and being taken care of by Feodor and the girls, while everyone was preparing for the battle against the Eleventh Beast: Croyance who was slowly approaching on Sky Island 39.

Battle of Sky Island 38 Edit

Death of Apple Edit

Appearance Edit

Apple was a young girl with red eyes and hair. When Apple was discovered and taken back to the Guardian Wings Military, she is given a white dress to wear. She later receives a black T-shirt, an overall dress and a neckerchief, during her time on Sky Island 38.

Personality Edit

Apple was born with an active lively personality. She affectionately liked to call Feodor Jessman, "Fedoru" and enjoyed playing with everyone. She loved everyone and willing to sacrifice her life to protect everyone.

Weapon Edit

Still being young, Apple hasn't been assigned to a Carillon/Dug Weapon yet.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Speed And Strength Edit

Apple has the ability to manipulate her Venenum to increase her speed and power.

Wing Generation Edit

By manipulating her Venenum, Apple can spurt wings from her back. She is capable of flying at high heights and can move fast through the air.

Fairy Gate Edit

As with all Leprechauns, Apple has the ability to open the 'Fairy Gate.' It is an attack that unleashes the full power of a Leprechaun, however, it takes the fairy's life as its price.

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