Godley Mogtaman
Godley Mogtaman
Biographical Information
Kanji ゴドレイ・モグタマン
Rōmaji Godorei Mogutaman
Age 40s
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Gremian
Gender Male
Eye Color Gold with Black Schlera
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation First Grade Technical Officer
Affiliation Guardian Wings Military
Personal Status
Hobbies Smoking Cigars
Favorite Food Wine, Expensive Meals
Anime WorldEnd: Episode 8
Voice Actors
Japanese Chou
Godley Mogtaman (ゴドレイ・モグタマン, Godorei Mogutaman) is a First Grade Technical Officer with the Guardian Wings Military and Willem Kmetsch's superior. He is of the Gremian (Purple Goblin) race and is a supporting character in Suka Suka.

Background Edit

Godley Mogtaman is a First Grade Technical Officer who works in the Guardian Wings Military's headquarters on Sky Island 49. He is Willem Kmetsch's superior and was the one who ordered him to go help the Saxifraga when it was sunk in a beast attack.

Appearance Edit

Godley has the appearance of a small purple goblin. His entire body is covered with purple skin and he has slightly balding black hair and a black mustache. He also possesses gold eyes with black schleras .

He wears the standard Guardian Wings Military uniform as well as a couple of expensive rings on his fingers.

Personality Edit

Godley has a rough and tough personality. He is straight-forward, quick to anger and has a commanding persona that expects respect from others. Despite this show of bravado, Godley does care about his men, even though he will usually panic and run if there is danger. Godley will also speak in a gruff voice. He smokes cigars and loves fine wine and expensive food.

Godley is always focused on the mission and refuses to stop one when they're right in the middle of it and demands that others do the same, even if it means that they die in the attempt which puts him at odds with Grick Graycrack at the beginning of the excavation of Gomag city.

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Mechanical Engineering Skills Edit

Having spent most of his life on airships, Godley does have some basic maintenance repairing skills.He can fix and patch up airships whenever there's a mechanical failure and he was able to fix the Plantagenista to get it airborne.

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