Buronny Maxi
Biographical Information
Kanji 兎徴種(ハレサントロポス)
Rōmaji Usagi Choujin (Haresantoroposu)
Race Type Beast
Social Classification Featured
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 4' - 7' feet
Eye Color comes in multiple colors
Hair Color comes in multiple colors
Biological Features Rabbit Ears


Special Abilities Sharp Hearing
Haresanthropos (兎徴種(ハレサントロポス), Haresantoroposu) are a 'Featured' race of anthropomorphized rabbits who live in Règles Aile. They resemble humans only with fur covering their bodies.

Background Edit

Haresanthropos are a 'Featured' race of anthropomorphized rabbits who live in Règles Aile. They were one of the original remaining races who left the surface after it was destroyed by the Emnetwihts and the Beasts. They are a very peaceful race and prefer to settle things through discussion rather than violence.

Biological FeaturesEdit

To put it in a simple sense, Haresanthropos are basically two-legged rabbits made to resemble humans, only with fur covering their bodies. Most Haresanthropos have a rabbit's head. The main difference between them and normal rabbits is that they stand on two legs, have hands and wear normal clothes.

Health DangersEdit

Special AbilitiesEdit

Sharp Hearing Edit

A Haresantropos has very sharp hearing, they can normally tell if they are being followed in most cases.

Known Haresanthropos Edit




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