Hilgram Moto
Biographical Information
Kanji ヒルグラム・モト
Rōmaji Hiruguramu Moto
Age 30s
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Emnetwihts
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Professional Status
Occupation Monk

Regal Brave

Affiliation Regal Braves
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Hilgram Moto (ヒルグラム・モト, Hiruguramu Moto) was a male Regal Brave who existed over 500 years ago. He is a minor character in the Suka Suka series.

Background Edit

Hilgram Moto was a Regal Brave who existed over 500 years ago. He was a member of Lillia Asplay's team alongside Willem Kmetsch, Souwong Kandel, Navrutri Teigozak, Emissa Hodvin and Kaya Cultrun.

Becoming A Regal Brave Edit

As a Regal Brave Edit

As a Regal Brave, Hilgram became well-known for his physical power. He could level mountains with his bare fists and cause huge fissures.

War Against The Poteau Edit

Final Battle Against The Poteau Edit

Final Days of Humanity Edit

Death Edit

Appearance Edit

Hilgram was a tall man who appeared to be in his thirties. He was bald and very muscular and usually wore the brown robes of a monk. He also wore a brown scarf.

Personality Edit

Hilgram was a very spiritual man. Being a monk, he opted not to use any weapons besides his hands and his staff.

Weapon Edit

Hilgram's main weapon was his own body. He was very adept at martial arts and could easily disable an opponent with his own fists.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Hilgram could physically enhance strength to monstrous levels without using Venenum. He had the natural ability to change the terrain with bare hands, could level mountains with his bare fists and create huge fissures in the ground.

Combat Skills Edit

Hilgram Moto was an adept bare fist fighter. He was very skilled in martial arts.

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