Ignareo (イグナレオ, Igunareo) is a Carillon/Dug Weapon that's currently co-owned by the Orlandry Merchants Guild and the Guardian Wings Military. Its current wielder is Tiat Siba Ignareo.


Ignareo is a long heavy blade that was created over 500 years ago. It was wielded by a Regal Brave during the war with the Poteau. 500 years later, it was discovered by a group of salvagers and taken back to the Sky Islands, where it was inspected and stored in the Fairy Warehouse until a compatible fairy could use it.

It's current wielder is Tiat Siba Ignareo who initially had a hard time finding a compatible Dug Weapon.

History Edit

Ignareo was created by a human race called 'Emnetwhits' over 500 years ago, during a time when all of the races lived on the surface. It was wielded by a Regal Brave during the war with the Poteau.

Physical CompositionEdit

Ignareo is a long heavy blade similar to Seniorious. It is comprised of random multiple shining talismans that are combined into the shape of a sword. The talismans glow green when activated with Tiat's Venenum and can unleash devastating green blasts that can slice a Beast in half.

It's handle also has a similar design to Seniorious, though the symbol on the hilt is shaped like a lyre.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Suka Moka Volume 3 - 02
Ignareo's special ability is "To become inconspicuous." As to what this implies, it has not yet been made clear yet.

Known Wielders of IgnareoEdit

  • Unnamed Regal Brave
  • Tiat Siba Ignareo - A young green haired Leprechaun who lives at the Fairy Warehouse.

Known Victims of IgnareoEdit

  • Countless beasts.




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