Kaya Cultran
Biographical Information
Kanji カイヤ・カルトラン
Rōmaji Kaiya Karutoran
Age Mid 20s
Status Married
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Emnetwihts
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Adventurer
Affiliation Adventurer Guild
Personal Status
Relatives Husband
Three sons
Voice Actors
Kaya Cultrun (カイヤ・カルトラン, Kaiya Karutoran) was a female Adventurer who existed over 500 years ago. She is a minor character in the Suka Suka series.

Background Edit

Kaya Cultrun was a talented Adventurer who existed over 500 years ago. She was one of the members of Lillia Asplay's team alongside Willem Kmetsch, Souwong Kandel, Navrutri Teigozak and Emissa Hodvin.

Becoming An Adventurer Edit

As an Adventurer Edit

Kaya was listed by the Adventurer Guild as a level 39 Adventurer. Considering a trained soldier is around level 10 and that the upper level for extremely well trained human fighters was around 30, she was considered to be an expert fighter abnormally used to dangerous situations.

When she had no mission, she would often go down to the deepest level of the Maze, a dangerous dungeon full of monster beneath the capital of the Empire, in order to gain some additional money from selling things that can only be found in there, including the very prized "haiiro", a material often used by humans to craft valuable talismans.

She was married with three sons. Both her and her husband are born in the same village, and her family still live her.

War Against The Poteau Edit

Final Battle Against The Poteau Edit

Appearance Edit

Kaya was a grown woman in her mid-twenties to thirties. She wore a green tunic and used well-tempered armour to protect herself. While being thin overall, she was very muscular, and the shape of her muscles could be clearly seen through her tunic.

She also carried a huge shield.

Personality Edit

Kaya was a brave young women. She loved exploring and hugging cute things like Willem.

She cherishes her small home town as the birthplace of her husband, children and herself, and is ready to put her life on the line to defend it from external threats.

Weapon Edit

Kaya's main weapons was her sword which was especially crafted for her by a master craftsman and her shield.

Abilities Edit

Venenum Enhanced Strength Edit

By channeling her Venenum output to his limbs, Kaya could enhance strength to superhuman levels. She could easily break a normal person's spine with just her normal strength, if she were to hug them.

Venenum Enhanced Speed Edit

By channeling her Venenum output to his legs, Kaya could move at speeds faster than the human eyes.

Swordsmanship Edit

Kaya was a skilled swordswoman who could easily slice up wild monsters and strong enemies.

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