Lakhesh Nyx Senorious
Biographical Information
Kanji ラキシュ・二クス・セニオリス
Rōmaji Rakishu Nikusu Seniorisu
Age 9 - Suka Suka

14 - Suka Moka

Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Leprechaun
Gender Female
Eye Color Orange-Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Fairy Weapon Soldier


Affiliation Fairy Warehouse

Guardian Wings Corp

Personal Status
Hobbies Cooking
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Manaka Ishimi
English Jill Harris

Lakhesh Nyx Seniorous (ラキシュ・二クス・セニオリス, Rakishu Nikusu Seniorisu) is one of the many young fairies that live in the warehouse. She was initially a supporting character in Suka Suka, but became one of the main characters in Suka Moka.

Background Edit

Lakhesh is one of the many young fairies that live in the warehouse. She is shown to be close friends with the 3 other young fairies, Tiat, Collon, and Pannibal.

Birth Edit

Lakhesh Nyx Seniorous was born inside of a forest with a village next to it. As a baby, Lakhesh met a child who had snuck off to play in the forest, even though they had been told not to. The two immediately became friends and played together a lot.

3 days later, a group of kids snuck into the forest and came across Lakhesh. Panicking, the kids ran back to their parents and told them about Lakhesh. Getting mad, the parents went into the forest with the intention of hurting Lakhesh.However, Lakhesh's friend stuck up for her and protected her, causing the adults to stop. This event left a lasting impression on Lakhesh, though she doesn't remember the friend anymore.

In the end, the parents ended up alerting the Guardian Wings Military who came and retrieved Lakhesh. The military then took Lakhesh to the Fairy Warehouse, where she met Tiat, Collon and Lakhesh and became friends with them.

Becoming A Fairy Soldier Edit

In 438, after Chtholly's death[1], Lakhesh experienced the Harbinger dream and was taken to the city of Corna di Luce on Island 11, to have her body tuned.

On 30/3/438, Lakhesh was confirmed to be compatible with the Dug Weapon, Seniorious and got assigned to it, due to her impressive natural abilities.Due to the sudden appearance of the Aurora, Piercing and Penetrating Second Beast and later on the Chanteuse, Lamenting First Beast on the 11th island, Lakhesh Nyx Seniorious, along with Tiat, Rhantolq and Ithea were dispatched to combat them. During the battle Lakhesh was the one who dealt the finishing blow to the Chanteuse, impaling it on Seniorious.

The twist, however, is that Chanteuse's true identity was Willem Kmetsch who had turned into a half beast while he was on the surface[2]. He had been brought up to the skies by the Elpis Mercantile Federation, the same organization that later released the Second upon the 11th island, however, managed to get away from them.

He was the "First Beast" that the fairies fought in the battle of Corna di Luce, and sadly, due to him being on the verge of turning into a complete beast, Willem forced Lakhesh to end his life by activating and using Seniorious' curse.

Appearance Edit

Lakhesh was born with short blonde hair and orange-brown eyes. During Suka Suka, she wears a brown dress with a orange and white striped T-shirt beneath it.

During Suka Moka, Lakhesh grows her hair out a bit, but keeps it in the same style. She also wears a greyer version of the Guardian Wings uniform.

Personality Edit

Lakhesh is a shy, quiet girl. She is rather conscientious of others and is rather careful and timid often apologizing to others for her "wrongful" actions.

She is the most mature of the younger fairies and is very perceptive of others as she is aware that Chtholly and Nygglatho both have feelings for Willem.

She sees Willem as a loving father figure and Chtholly as a big sister.

Weapon Edit

Lakhesh's Dug Weapon is the Seniorious that Chtholly once wielded. Using it, Lakhesh can fight on par with the 17 Beasts, however, she has yet to master the sword as she is unaware of how to use Senorious' curse.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Speed And Strength Edit

Lakhesh has the ability to manipulate her venemum to increase her speed and power.

Wing Generation Edit

By manipulating her venenum, Lakhesh can spurt wings from her back. She is capable of flying at high heights and can move fast through the air.

Fairy GateEdit

As with all Leprechauns, Lakhesh has the ability to open the 'Fairy Gate.' It is an attack that unleashes the full power of a Leprechaun, however, it takes the fairy's life as its price.

Swordsmanship Edit

Having been trained by Willem, Lakhesh develops expert swordsmanship skills. She is able to fight on par with Willem who was fighting at full strength, despite having a beast's body at the time.

References Edit

  1. Suka Suka Volume 5
  2. Suka Suka Volume 4

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