Nygglatho Astartus
Biographical Information
Kanji ナイグラート・アスタルトス
Rōmaji Naigurato Asutarutosu
Also known as Nygglatho
Age 21 - Suka Suka

26 - Suka Moka

Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Troll
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Professional Status
Occupation Fairy Caretaker

Guild Member Liaison Correspondent

Affiliation Orlandry Merchant Guild

Fairy Warehouse

Personal Status
Hobbies Hunting, Eating
Favorite Food Humans, Meat
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kikuko Inoue
English Jamie Marchi

Nygglatho Astartus (ナイグラート・アスタルトス, Naigurato Asutarutosu) is one the fairy caretakers at the Fairy Warehouse on Island 68. She is one of the main supporting characters in Suka Suka and is a supporting character in Suka Moka.

Background Edit

Nygglatho Astartus is one the fairy caretakers who takes care of the young Leprechauns at the Fairy Warehouse. She is normally addressed as "Nygglatho" by Willem and the other children.

Family Background Edit

Nygglatho comes from a family of "Trolls" who are a race of powerful carnivorous creatures who are one of the most powerful and feared races in Règles Aile. Her father who is also a troll runs a inn on Island 11.

Joining the Orlandry Merchant Guild Edit

At some point during her teen years, Nygglatho signed up with the Orlandry Merchant Guild and was assigned to various missions. During one particular mission, Nygglatho was assigned to escort a excavation research team to the surface.

On the surface, Nygglatho and her group entered a cave and discovered a petrified Willem frozen beneath some ice. They dug him out and took him back to the Sky Islands where they unfroze him. After some initial difficulties in communication, Nygglatho used the Babel talisman that Willem had on him to talk with him, and gently break the news of what happened to the Emnetwhits (Human Race).

Joining the Fairy Warehouse Edit

Some time later, Nygglatho became assigned to the Fairy Warehouse as the Orlandry Merchant Guild's liaison between themselves and the Guardian Wings Military. She then witnessed and bore the burden of the deaths of many Fairy Weapon Soldiers.

At one point during her stay on Island 68, Nygglatho was being threatened by thugs. She then beat them up, destroying a cafe in the process. Since then, she has become feared amongst the people on Island 68.

Appearance Edit

Nygglatho has the appearance of a woman in early twenties. She has red hair and green eyes.

In Suka Suka, Nygglatho originally had long red hair which was kept loose and wore a green maid outfit with a white apron. After Chtholly passes away, she cuts her long hair short to help her deal with the sadness.

In Suka Moka, Nygglatho has regrown her hair long, but keeps it in a long ponytail. She also wears more prim and proper clothes compared to her original maid outfit.

Personality Edit

Nygglatho is a ditzy yet fun-loving and cheerful young woman. Being naturally lively, Nygglatho loves meat and devouring other creatures, much to Willem's displeasure. She can be very maternal and very caring to all of the young Leprechauns at the warehouse, but she can also be rather strict and is not afraid to scold the little ones if she thinks that they are getting out of line and will often threaten to eat them, if they don't behave.

However, Nygglatho also conceals a dark side where she will often use her happy face as a mask to conceal her inner sadness over the girls' fates as weapons and will often become deeply hurt whenever one of them dies. She will often cry by herself and often go hunting bears in the woods to vent her frustration especially when she knows that one of the Leprechauns is going to die. Nygglatho herself states that she "is tired of crying alone."

Despite this, Nygglatho also has a very mature side. She is quite knowledgeable about relationship and likes taking care of others as it is one of her natural 'Troll' instincts. Nygglatho will also normally prioritize the feelings of others over her own. She is fully aware of Willem's and Chtholly's feelings for each other, but will prioritize Chtholly's feelings over her own romantic feelings for Willem, because she considers Chtholly's happiness to be more important.

Weapons Edit

Nygglatho is very skilled with weapons, however, she mainly uses the natural strength in her hands as her main weapons.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Being a Troll, Nygglatho naturally possesses super-strength. She can easily lift heavy objects and is able to defeat very strong creatures e.g. bears or races easily.

Medical Training Edit

Being the Fairy Warehouse Caretaker and a member of the Orlandry Merchant Guild, Nygglatho does have basic medical training. She can patch up basic wounds and perform medical tests, however, still has to go to town to pick up medication.

Hand to Hand Combat Skills Edit

As a member of the Orlandry Merchant Guild, Nygglatho is naturally trained in hand to hand combat. She easily use her natural physical abilities to take down high level opponents.

References Edit

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