Phyracorlybia Dorio
Biographical Information
Kanji フィラコルリビア・ドリオ
Rōmaji Fiirakoruribia Dorio
Age 19 - Suka Suka

24 - Suka Moka

Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Lycanthropos
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Mayor's Daughter
Affiliation Corna di Luce
Personal Status
Relatives Mayor Dorio - Father
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Honoka Inoue
English Tia Ballard
Phyracorlybia Dorio (フィラコルリビア・ドリオ, Fiirakoruribia Dorio) is a minor character who appears in Suka Suka.

Background Edit

Phyracorlybia Dorio is a young Lycanthropos female who is often called "Phyra." She lives on Island 11 and is the daughter of Corna di Luce's mayor.

Phyra's father is old friends with Officer Limeskin, whom she affectionately calls "Uncle."

Appearance Edit

Phyracorlybia Dorio is a young teenage girl. Being an Lycanthropos, she shares wolf-like features such as her white fur, brown eyes and her brown hair and tail.

Phyra often wears blue Victorian-era lace dresses with a tiny black hat on top.

Personality Edit

Phyra is a fiery young woman who deeply loves her city of Corna di Luce and its people. She possesses a strong passion and will often get so fired up that she'll often ignore the feelings of others.

She loves Lamb wraps and knows all of the best places in the city.

Phyra has a deep sense of justice and will do anything to ensure that justice is done. Like her father, Phrya is a strong advocate for racial equality and the law. She hates criminals and people like Willem who used her as a decoy to take down the Annihilation Knights.

She doesn't like it when people touch her stomach.

Weapon Edit

Phyra carries a concealed knife on her at all times for protection.

Abilities Edit

Combat Abilities Edit

Seeing how Phyra keeps a knife on her at all times, it is implied that she at least knows basic self-defense.

Reference Edit

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