The 6th Beast: Timere

The Seventeen Beasts (十七種の獣, Jyuunana shu no Kemono)is the name denoted for the seventeen menacing species of beasts who live on the surface in the planet. These seventeen species of Beasts are the original inhabitants of the planet who seek to destroy anything created by the 'Visitors,' including Règles Aile and the people who live in it in order to retrieve their lost homeland.


The Seventeen Beasts is the name denoted for a group of seventeen menacing species of beasts who live on the surface of the planet.

Origins Edit

The Seventeen Beasts were originally a race of peaceful beasts and the ancient inhabitants of the planet who lived on the desert surface of the world, that is until a race of ascended humans called the 'Visitors,' came and terraformed their planet in order to recreate their home world. Angry that the world that they loved was being taken away from them, the Beasts turned on the Visitors and tried to destroy them, however, their attack failed and the Visitors cursed them by turning them into the Human species currently known as 'Emnetwihts' and created the other species in order to keep their numbers small.

Despite being condemned to human flesh, the beasts conformed to their new bodies as the humans' unconscious nature and bided their time for centuries within their human forms, until the Emnetwiht species unconsciously grew enough to cause the curse to start breaking (600 years before Suka Suka). However, some of the Emnetwihts were against going back to their human forms and so sought the means to extend their humanity. Under their leader 'Nils Didek Foreigner,' they formed a group called 'True World' that was devoted to analyzing the original curse and seeking the means to extend it.

War Against The Poteau Edit

A century later, True World came to the conclusion that they needed the corpse of a Visitor in order to recreate the corpse and so sought to kill the last Visitor alive, Elq Hrqstn. However, Elq's guardians (The Poteau) became aware of the danger to their master and in a fit of anger, Jade Nail attacked the humans and started a war with them. After a brutal war which left many dead, the Poteau were defeated and their master Elq was cursed into a death-like state by Lillia Asplay using the Carillon, Seniorious. Lillia died in the attempt, however, Elq's body was then taken to the Imperial Capital where they attempted to recreate the curse by smashing her soul into tiny pieces.

Destruction of The Surface Edit

Despite the Emnetwihts' best attempts, they were unable to recreate the curse. As Elq the only who could maintain the curse was killed, the Emnetwihts could only wait for the curse to break. One year later, the curse fully broke and all of the Emnetwihts started turning back into Beasts. Angry by their imprisonment, they naturally sought to cleanse their world of all foreign and alien presences and destroyed everything, turning the planet back to what it was originally.

However, the remaining species of Beastmen banded together and under the guidance of Ebon Candle and Souwong Kandel moved the remaining pieces of fertile land into the sky, creating the Sky Island Archipelago 'Règles Aile' using a mix of Visitor technology and a combination of Souwong's and Ebon Candle's powers. Upset that their land was tainted by this, the Beasts sought to destroy to the new island chain, however, they were unable to fly and could only rely on the 6th Beast, the 'Timere' to send it spores out to the sky in order to take down the Sky Islands and so their frustration grew. This form of siege battle continued on for over the next 500 years.

500 Years Later Edit

500 years later, the Beasts were tired of the continued battles and sought to put an end to them. While some them were contempt to stay and live peacefully on the surface, the others were not and strove to create new tactics to take down the Sky Island Archipelago. One Beast then got the idea to hide a beast inside one of the Timere and send it up to the sky. While this tactic was successful in theory, the attack was stopped by Fairy Soldier, Chtholly Nota Seniorious who had inherited Lillia Asplay's sword, 'Seniorious' and so they sought different means of reaching the others.

After some time, Beastmen from the Elpis Mercantile Federation arrived and started capturing Beasts to take back to the Sky Islands. They captured 'Materno: The 5th Beast' and 'Croyance: The 11th Beast and 'Aurora: The Second Beast.' However, another one that they unknowingly captured was an amnesiac 'Willem Kmetsch,' the last surviving Emnetwiht who was turned into a half-beast by Chanteur: The First Beast, just as it was dying. All of these Beasts were then taken to individual Sky Islands which were Islands 11, 13 and 39, while Willem was allowed to be let go on Sky Island 11.

Attack On Corna di Luce Edit

The Second Beast 'Aurora' was taken to the City of Corna di Luce on Sky Island 11, as a part of political plot by Elpis Mercantile Federation to usurp and claim the power of the Leprechauns for their own and to show off their new weapon. However, the Elpis Mercantile Federation lost control of the Aurora and it wound up attacking the city. The Second Beasts were then engaged by Fairy Soldiers Ithea Myse Valgulious and Rhantolk Ytri Historia and Tiat Siba Ignareo who managed to destroy them.

Meanwhile, Willem Kmetsch who had recovered his memories became aware of the plot against the Leprechauns. Knowing that Ithea's and Rhantolk's display against the Aurora wouldn't be enough to convince the top brass of the Guardian Wings Military to let the Fairy Warehouse go on as it is in order to keep the Leprechauns safe from those who wanted to abuse them and their power, Willem decided to fight by unleashing Chanteur's powers to take down the Aurora and the Elpis Mercantile Federation's new weapon.

Knowing that his mind would only last for 5 mins in his beast state, Willem then engaged in battle against Ithea, Rhantolk and Tiat. After a couple of minutes, Ithea realized that Chanteur was Willem and figured out what he was planning. She then instructed the other girls to fight with everything they've got because Willem was sacrificing himself to save the Fairy Warehouse, however despite their best efforts, Ithea had her spine broken during the battle and Rhantolk was badly injured as well. Tiat then fought to her best effort, but not even she could defeat Willem. Just as things were being to look bad, suddenly, Willem was stabbed through the chest by Seniorious who was being wielded by Lakhesh Nyx Seniorious, the newest Fairy Soldier. Aware that Lakhesh didn't know how activate Seniorious' curse, Willem activated it by himself and put himself into a death like sleep.

In his death state, Willem was visited by Nils who revealed himself as a alien from a different world than the Visitors. After explaining his background, Nils offers to use his powers one more to make Willem an ascended being like himself and go traveling through the universe with him. Willem though refused saying that he wanted to talk with the Beast inside him and come to an understanding with their race, so that coexistence with the other races will be possible someday in this world with no redeeming qualities. Accepting his decision, Nils lets Willem go back to sleep and leaves the planet.

Attacks on Sky Islands 13 and 39 Edit

Willem's decision and sacrifice ended up stopping the attack on Sky Island 11 and saving the Fairy Warehouse. However, the attacks didn't stop from there. Two days later, Materno and Croyance broke free and began destroying everything on Sky Islands 13 and 39. On Sky Island 39, the Eleventh Beast: Croyance immediately started assimilating everything in sight and slowly turned the island into a mass of black crystal. Meanwhile, on Sky Island 13, Materno broke free and melted everything including the people into a blue clear liquid.

All forms of retaliation against these two beasts failed as the military was helpless against them and the fairies with the Dug Weapons were too injured to help out. The Elpis Mercantile Federation were also wiped out by these attacks and their organization crumbled. The only redeeming aspect of this debacle was that neither Materno nor Croyance could fly and were forced to slowly float adrift to an island, if they wanted to attack it. This wouldn't happen for 5 years though when Croyance would start drawing nearer to Sky Island 39.

Biological FeaturesEdit

Each of the seventeen species of beasts has their own unique physiological compositions and features that are unique to their own species. Their forms can be plant-like or beast-like, however, all of them do share some common features:

  • Sturdy Bodies - All of the Seventeen Beasts have incredibly sturdy bodies. Most of them do have armour shells or incredibly thick skins which allows them to easily brush off gunfire and missiles. While they can be hurt by weapons like Flamethrowers and do have their certain weak points on their bodies, the only thing that can really kill are Venenum infused Carillons / Dug Weapons, though it does take over hundreds of strikes before they do die.
  • Regeneration - All of the Seventeen Beasts have the ability to regenerate, though some species have slower regeneration rates.Their regeneration can be halted by weapons like Flamethrowers.
  • Body Transformation - Most of the Seventeen Beasts do have the ability to manipulate their bodies to form fists or heads or even weapons to smite their enemies with,

For more information: please see 'The Seventeen Species,' section below.

Health DangersEdit

Special AbilitiesEdit

Each of the seventeen species of beasts have their own unique powers and skills that are unique to their own species.

For more information: please see 'The Seventeen Species,' section below.

The Seventeen SpeciesEdit

Beast Name Image of Beast Description
Chanteur: The First Beast Who Laments For The Moon Description: Chanteur is the most powerful and most unique of the Beasts. It is the only one of its kind and like its name implies, will sing its at the moon, when it feels lonely.

Her original Emnetwiht form was a girl named Almaria Duffner. However, it gained a new vessel in Willem Kmetsch.

Physical Features:

Chanteur takes the form of a large clear black crystal pillar with Almaria Duffner's crystallized body popping out from the center of it, like a figurehead of a ship. The dead faces and souls of her victims are viewable through the crystal. The crystal itself vibrates to create a wailing song that can be used to lure people into it.

Chanteur can also hijack people's bodies to use as its vessel, upon the death of its previous vessel.

Special Abilities:

Chanteur's Song

Chanteur's main weapon is its song which she used to suck the souls of thousands of people into a dream world recreation of Gomag. She then would devour the energy from their bodies, while their soul is fully consumed in the illusion, eventually resulting in the person's death.

Illusion Creation and Memory Manipulation

Chanteur has the ability to create illusions and manipulate memories with her song.


Chanteur also has the ability to disintegrate any lush green areas into a grey ashen desert.

For more information, see: Chanteur, Almaria Duffner and Willem Kmetsch.

Aurora: The Second Beast Who Pierces Through Everything Description: Aurora are the weakest species of the Seventeen Beast. However, what it lacks in power, it makes up with numbers, often attacking in swarms to take down its prey.

Physical Features:

Aurora takes the form of a headless and tailless snake with needles covering the entirety of its body. It prefers to attack in swarms, making it numerous in number. With each swarm connected by some unknown hive mindset.

Special Abilities:

Swarm Needle Missiles

An Aurora's main method of attack is to lock onto the most particularly dangerous target and then gang up and assault them with others of its kind by firing and bombarding them with the needles that cover its body.

For more information, see: Aurora.

Legitimitate: The Fourth Beast Who Twists As Its Swallows
Description: Legitimitates are a pack of lonely beasts who live far away from their own kind.

Physical Features: Legitimitates are huge scorpion / millipede like creatures. They have one gold eye and possess a long slim body with 18 pairs of legs, which allows them to swim quickly through the sand. Their bodies are also extremely flexible. They can twist and rip apart their bodies and forms fists with their ripped tail ends, allowing them to beat up airships.

Special Abilities:

Piercing Claws

Legitimitate also has a very long spear like front claws, which allows it to twist, rip and flip his prey before devouring it. Hence its title.

For more information, see: Legitimitate.

Materno: The Fifth Beast Who Spreads Out Widely Description:

Physical Features:

Special Abilities:


Materno can melt everything that it touches into a clear blue liquid.

For more information, see: Materno.

Timere: The Sixth Beast Who Hides Deeply

The 6th Beast: Timere

Description: The Timere are a group of Beasts who can generate spores from their bodies. They are similar to huge dandelions and are the only ones capable of reaching the Sky Islands.

Physical Features: All Timere have gray bodies which resemble the roots of plants. They can bury themselves deep in the earth until they are ready to attack. The spores they release are like

Special Abilities:

Spore Generation

All Timere can split their bodies into spores which can float in the air from the surface to the Sky Islands. Once on a Sky Island, the spore will plant itself until it is ready to attack and spurt its body from the ground.


All Timere can rapidly regenerate from wounds. They are immune to small fire weaponry such as guns, however, their regeneration can be halted by weapons like Flamethrowers.

For more information, see: Timere.

Croyance: The Eleventh Beast Who Remains Rooted Description: Croyance is a unique beast that crystallises everything that it touches.

Physical Features:

Croyance takes the form of a huge black crystal pillar, so it doesn't have hands or feet. It kills by absorbing and assimilating everything that it touches.

Special Abilities:

Black Crystallization

Croyance has the ability to turn everything that it touches into a black crystal. However, the crystallization process is slow acting, meaning that it takes a long time for it to fully absorb its prey. The crystallization can be stopped through immediate amputation.

For more information, see: Croyance.

Vincra: The Fourteenth Beast Who Binds Brightly Description: Vincra is one of the most deadliest of the Seventeen Beasts. It was originally sealed within the Carillon, Mornēn, until it took possession of Lakhesh Nyx Seniorious' body. It was then killed when Lakhesh killed herself with Ignareo and was then sealed into Feodor Jessman's body.

Its original Emnetwiht form was a young female Quasi-Brave named Helva T. Lontis. However, it has since gained a new vessel in Feodor Jessman.

Physical Features:

Vincra takes the form of a mass of black fog which can possess and control others.

Special Abilities:

Mind Control

Through the Carillon, Mornēn, Vincra can take possession of people and forcibly mind control them with the sounds of bells. It then can order its victims to do whatever it wants including inciting them to massacre people.


Vincra can also turn people into monsters.

For more information, see: Vincra.




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