Souwong Kandel
Souwong (Older)
Biographical Information
Kanji スウォン・カンデル
Rōmaji Suuon Kanderu
Also known as Great Sage
Magus of the Pole Star
Age 83 (Physically) 539 (Actual Age) - Suka Suka

88 (Physically) 544 (Actual Age) - Suka Moka

Status Alive / Immortal
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Emnetwiht (Formerly)

Barrowwiht (Currently)

Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Regal Brave (Formerly)

Guardians Wings Advisor

Affiliation Regal Braves (Formerly)

Guardian Wings Military

Personal Status
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Mugihito
English Charlie Campbell (Older), Ryan Reynolds (younger)
Souwong Kandel (スウォン・カンデル, Suuon Kanderu) is one of the main supporting characters in Suka Suka. He is also a minor character in Suka Moka.

Background Edit

Souwong Kandel was originally a young Emnetwiht Regal Brave who lived in the time just before the beasts took over the surface. During the final battle for the surface, Souwong died, but managed to turn himself in a 'Barrowwiht' or an Immortal. He is one of the creators of the Sky Islands, and is currently known as the "Great Sage." He now serves as an advisor to the Guardian Wings Military Corps.

Past Edit

500 years prior to Suka Suka, Souwong was an Emnetwiht child who grew up in an orphanage in Gormag, There he trained to become a Regal Brave alongside his friends, Willem Kmetsch and Lillia Asplay. As a result of his training, Souwong discovered that he had the knack for magic and became exceptionally skilled at spell-casting, curses and at using talismans and other magical tools.

Becoming a Regal Brave Edit

Upon completion of his training, Souwong became a Regal Brave, one of a elite group of warriors who were chosen to fight off the Visitors, their servants, and the group 'True World' and was assigned Lillia's team. He then fought many battles with Willem, Navrutri, Emissa, Hilgram and Lillia as his teammates. As a result of his many achievements in battle, Souwong ended up receiving the nickname "Magus of the Pole Star," due to his mastery of magic and his signature white cape.

First Death Edit

During the final battle against the Visitors, Souwong fought against the god, Ebon Candle alongside Willem, while Lillia went to kill Elq Hrqstn. Souwong and Willem were eventually able to beat him, however, Souwong died during the suicide attack that allowed Willem to disable Ebon candle. However, Souwong did not die. Prior to his death, Suwong cursed himself. The curse altered his life force, stripping him of his humanity, but gifting him with immortality in the process. In this new state, Souwong will not die of age, sickness or injury.

Creating the Sky Islands Edit

After the final battle, Souwong then witnessed the transformation of the Emnetwihts into the Seventeen Beasts and the destruction of the surface. In order to save the rest of other races, Souwong collaborated with Ebon Candle and used a combination of his magic and the Visitors' technology to move the remaining races and the remaining fertile pieces of land into the sky, creating the Sky Islands. For this act, Souwong was granted the title 'Great Sage' and became known as a hero.

During the 500 years prior to the start of Suka Suka, Souwong then helped to create the Guardian Wings Military Corps and became its advisor.

Appearance Edit

In his youth, Souwong had short blonde hair and green eyes. He wore white robes like a priest's and also possessed his signature long white cape which often got him teased by Lillia and Willem because it was far longer than his body.

500 years later, Souwong now looks like a elderly man. He has grown his blonde hair out more and now possesses a short beard. He still wears his signature robes and white cape.

Personality Edit

Souwong is a kind elderly man who is often mistaken as irritable and grumpy by his attendants. He is very sensitive and cares deeply about others. He is also easily riled up and moved to tears, especially when he learns that Willem is alive after 500 years.

Souwong is also quite attached to his white cape, he thinks it looks cool and will get irritated whenever someone insults it.

Weapons Edit

Souwong's main weapons is his spells. During battle, he'd use incantations and talismans to take down his opponents.

Abilities Edit

Venenum Manipulation Edit

Souwong can manipulate his Venenum to not only expertly increase his speed and strength, but allow him to levitate and use a great number of spells without exhausting his body.

Spell-Casting Edit

Souwong is an expert spell-caster. He is able to easily use spells that would confound most people and was able to transform himself into a immortal being.

References Edit

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