Theodore Brickroad
Biographical Information
Kanji セオドア・ブリックロード
Rōmaji Seodoa Burikkuroodo
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Emnetwihts
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Adventurer
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Theodore Brickroad (セオドア・ブリックロード, Seodoa Burikkuroodo) was an male Emnetwiht adventurer who existed over 500 years ago. He is a supporting character in the Suka Suka series.

Background Edit

Theodore Brickroad was an adventurer who existed over 500 years ago. He was friends with both Willem Kmetsch and Almaria Duffner.

Childhood Edit

Becoming an Adventurer Edit

When he was old enough, Theodore signed on to become an adventurer. He originally did it out of the hopes of impressing Almaria, much to Willem's annoyance.

War Against The Poteau Edit

Final Battle Against The Poteau Edit

Final Days of Humanity / Death Edit

During the Final Days of Humanity, Theodore carried out his days like normal until the night when all of civilians in Gomag started turning into Beasts. Seeing the desperate situation, Theodore stepped up and did what he could to help. Noticing that he was starting to turn into a Beast too, Theodore opted to get as far away as possible from the Orphanage as possible, so that he wouldn't attack any of the kids there, when he transformed into a beast.

Dream World Edit

However, Theodore did not turn into a Beast. While he had physically died, his soul was absorbed into Almaria/Chanteuse's dream world recreation of Gomag City. There his soul repeatedly experienced the final days of humanity with the other souls for 500 over years, until Willem freed him.

Appearance Edit

Theodore was a young kid who was in his mid-teens when he died.

Personality Edit

Theodore was a kind young man who was infatuated with Almaria Duffner in life, much to Willem's annoyance. He was willing to become an adventurer in the hopes of impressing. Despite appearing to be the type who would run away if there was trouble, Theodore showed bravery when he stayed behind to help those fleeing from the beasts.

Theodore had the habit of always showing a grin, even when he was scared. He also had a bit of an inferiority complex towards Willem, but looked up to him nonetheless.

Weapon Edit

Abilities Edit

Combat Skills Edit

Being an adventurer, Theodore did have some decent combat skills. He was strong enough to be able to protect himself.

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