Tiat Siba Ignareo
Biographical Information
Kanji ティアット・シバ・イグナレオ
Rōmaji Tiatto Shiba Igunareo
Birthday 22/8/427 (Date she was captured and taken to Fairy Warehouse)
Age 10 (Suka Suka)

15 (Suka Moka)

Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Leprechaun
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Bright Green
Professional Status
Occupation Fairy Weapon Soldier
Affiliation Fairy Warehouse

Guardian Wings Corp

Personal Status
Hobbies Playing, Romance Films
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomomi Mizuma
English Lara Woodhull

Tiat Siba Ignareo is a young fairy who lives at the Fairy Warehouse. She is a supporting character in Suka Suka and becomes a main character in Suka Moka.

Background Edit

Tiat Siba Ignareo is a leprechaun who was born and found on Sky Island 47.

In her youth, Tiat was a young fairy weapon who lived happily at the Fairy Warehouse along with the other Leprechauns. When Tiat was 9, she had the Harbinger Dream and was taken to Corna di Luce by Willem Kmetsch to have her body tuned for her Dug Weapon.

On 16/12/437, Tiat was confirmed to be compatible with the Dug Weapon, Ignareo.

After the battle in Corna di Luce, Tiat becomes an official fairy soldier who fights against the 17 Beasts.

Appearance Edit

In Suka Suka, Tiat has shoulder-length bright green hair and green eyes. She often wears a colourful green dress and eventually gets a bright green dress from Phyra.

In Suka Moka, Tiat wears an outfit similar to Chtholly's. In battle, she wears a greyer version of the Guardian Wings uniform.

Personality Edit

Growing up, Tiat was a very happy, kind girl. She was rather cheeky, somewhat sarcastic and carried a cheerful attitude wherever she went. She loved romantic films including ones with Reptraces (Lizard people) in it.

After she has the Harbinger Dream, Tiat becomes more mature. She takes over Chtholly's responsibilities as the big sister of the younger Leprechauns and is very distraught when Chtholly dies. After Chtholly's death, Tiat puts most of her focus on training herself to become stronger and to forget her sorrow.

5 years later (during the events of Suka Moka), Tiat has grown up to be a much more morbid girl. While retaining a little silliness, she acts more depressed like she is waiting for death and often takes sightseeing trips to see what she is fighting for.

Weapon Edit

Tiat's weapon is the Dug Weapon, Ignareo. Using it, Tiat can fight on par with the 17 Beasts, however, she has yet to master the sword.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Speed And Strength Edit

Tiat has the ability to manipulate her venenum to increase her speed and power.

Wing Generation Edit

By manipulating her venenum, Tiat can spurt wings from her back. She is capable of flying at high heights and can move fast through the air.

Fairy Gate Edit

As with all Leprechauns, Tiat has the ability to open the 'Fairy Gate.' It is an attack that unleashes the full power of a Leprechaun, however, it takes the fairy's life as its price.

Swordsmanship Edit

Having been trained by Willem, Tiat develops expert swordsmanship skills. She is able to fight on par with Willem who was fighting at full strength, despite having a beast's body at the time.

References Edit

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