Willem Kmetsch
Biographical Information
Kanji ヴィレム・クメシュ
Rōmaji Viremu Kumeshu
Also known as Pops (by Almaria Duffner), Black Agate Swordmaster, Bilem (by Elq Hrqstn)
Age 18 (def. of age)

+525 years petrified

Status Revived (Alive) (Light novel Vol. 5 Ch. 4 Pt. 4)

Alive (Hinted by Anime Season 1 Episode 12)

Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Emnetwiht / Human

Half Beast / Half Human

Gender Male
Height 6-7 feet
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Soldier/Second Grade Enchanted Arms Technical Officer
Affiliation Guardian Wings Military

Fairy Warehouse

Weapon Percival (Formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Almaria Duffner - Fellow Orphan and Daughter
Hobbies Cooking, Massages, Tuning Carillons
Favorite Food Spicy Meat Dishes
Least Favourite Food Reptrace Cuisine
Light Novel WorldEnd (Suka Suka) Light Novel Volume 1
Manga WorldEnd (Suka Suka) Manga Volume 1
Anime WorldEnd (Suka Suka) Anime - Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryouhei Arai
English Micah Solusod
Willem Kmetsch (ヴィレム・クメシュ, Viremu Kumeshu) is a 2nd Grade Technical Officer who works for the Guardian Wings Military. He is the main male protagonist of the Suka Suka series and a supporting character in the Suka Moka series.

Background Edit

Willem is a soldier who works for the Guardian Wings Corps as the Caretaker for the Fairy Warehouse. Willem is the last human, or Emnetwiht, known to be alive after the fall of the surface. The petrification curses that he suffered from was lifted, 2 years before, the events in the LN/anime took place.

Past Edit

500 years ago, Willem was born into a race of humans which later came to be known as 'Emnetwihts.' For some unknown reason, he came to be raised by an orphanage which was founded by his legal caretaker, Nils Didek Foreigner.

As Willem grew up, Willem eventually took over as the main caretaker of the facility and came to be called "Pops" by the rest of the kids, including Almaria Duffner as he was viewed as the unofficial father figure for the rest of the kids.

Becoming a Quasi Brave Edit

Growing up, Willem's dream was to become a Regal Brave warrior. During his training, Willem met and trained alongside Lillia Asplay and Souwong Kandel under the same master and mastered many skills. However, because Lillia didn't want him to become a Regal Brave, out of concern for his safety; Willem was only allowed to become a Quasi Brave.

As a former Quasi Brave, one of a group of elite warriors that served the Church of Holy Light along with the Regal Brave, Willem was known as the strongest of the Quasi Braves and was given the nickname 'Black Agate Swordsmaster' as a result. Though this was later revealed to be a joke made by his comrades.

Becoming Petrified Edit

During the final battle against the Visitors, Willem fought Ebon Candle and was eventually able to beat him by himself. However due to the backlash effect of the curses that he used. Willem was petrified for approximately 526 years ago. This petrification process occurred before the seventeen beasts appeared and less than a year before humanity went extinct.

Appearance Edit

Willem Kmetsch is a physically 18 (544) year old male. He is roughly 6 to 7 feet tall and has black hair and brown eyes.

At work, he normally wears either his Guardian Wings Military Uniform which consists of a black jacket, black pants and knee-high black boots or a grey shirt with black

Due to his experiences with war, Willem's body is riddled with scars, broken bones and damaged organs which he calls his "Battle Scars." As such he is unable to use the full extent of his abilities and can only use spells and Venenum abilities for a limited amount of time.

Personality Edit

Willem is a really kind person who likes to joke around with his friends. Having grown up in an orphanage, Willem likes playing with kids and likes to play games with the children. However, thanks to Ithea, it is often misinterpreted as "him being into little girls".

Willem also cares about people and is thus tolerant and patient towards others, especially those who despise him for being an 'Emnetwhit' or a 'Disfeatured.' Due to his experiences in war, Willem hates war and the reasons behind them, and as such, is sympathetic towards the Leprechauns' plight and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that they live longer.

Initially, at the start of series, Willem was a much more jaded person. Due to being the only survivor of his race and struggling to find his place in this new world, Willem was plagued by guilt by what happened and sought to merely wait out for his death, rather than try to find happiness.

However, after encountering Chtholly and becoming the caretaker for the Leprechaun Warehouse, Willem regains his joy, peace and love for life, to the point that he falls in love with Chtholly.

Weapons Edit

During his time as a Quasi Brave, Willem used a multitude of weapons. His weapons extended from using spells, curses and charms to mass production Carillons/Dug Weapons like the Percival.

Abilities Edit

Venenum Enhanced Strength Edit

By channelling his Venenum output to his limbs, Willem can enhance strength to superhuman levels. In the past, he could use this ability to enhance his strength for much longer period of times, however, with his current damaged body, he can only handle short bursts of power. However, even with his body, Willem is still powerful enough to destroy a Timere's body and kick one off of an airship.

Venenum Enhanced Speed Edit

By channeling his Venenum output to his legs, Willem can moves at speeds faster than the human eyes. In the past, he was able to move for a much longer period of time and for longer distances, however, with his current damaged body, he can only handle short bursts of speed.

Swordsmanship Edit

Willem is a skilled swordsman. In his prime, he could use multiple Carillons to take down his opponents. With his weakened body, he is still skilled enough to still hold off a Leprechaun like Chtholly.

Tuning Edit

One of the many trades that Willem had trained in to be a Brave was as a tuner of Carillons. He is very familiar with all of the Carillons/Dug Weapons and knows each of their personal quirks. Willem was so skilled at Carillon tuning that he became known as the 'Black Agate Swordsmaster.' He can instantly tell what a Dug Weapon's type is such as 'Kin-slayer,' as well as, what charms make up an individual Dug Weapon.

At present, Willem is the only one who can tune Carillons and Chtholly herself likens his tuning skill to a "performance."

Beast Abilities - La Chanteuse Edit

As a half-beast, Willem does have access to La Chanteuse's abilities. During the Battle of Corna di Luce, Willem effectively uses La Chanteuse's 'Sand Disintegration' ability to wipe out the Aurora and the Elpis Mercantile Federation's new weapon. His physical power has also increased ten-fold and he can easily move around, due to his body being healed by La Chanteuse's regeneration.

However, he can only use these powers for roughly 5 minutes before the Beast half fully takes over his consciousness.

Trivia Edit

  • Some might say he is over 500 years old, but as per definition of age/-ing (the process of getting older) and from the LN, he is recognized to be 18.


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